Please practice turning off all of your lights with the engine running. With many newer cars, this not so easy.  You many find your headlights may go off, but parking lights/daytime running lights will not. Read your owner's manual. You don't want to be “that guy!”  :)  Some vehicles have to perform this through complicated touch screen radio functions.



If you need to leave before the movie ends, please keep your lights off or use just your parking lights to exit. We will also collect any trash you may have as you leave. We will have multiple lines to speed the process.


Other Things to Know:


• The “for whatever reason we can't control” makeup date is the following night, Sunday, February 12th.

• Although we have set this up as a romantic evening for two, it is not limited to married couples. Anyone can buy tickets and if you want to bring your kids or a friend, you are certainly welcome to purchase tickets for them. However, there will not be any other activities available other than the movie itself. We must also ask that customers remain in their car except for trips to the restroom or concession stand. .Mobile restrooms will be available at different locations of the theater.

• We will have jumper cables available if necessary. :)



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Is your method of celebrating Valentine's Day with the person you love the same year after year?  Why not spice things up a little by going back in time and enjoy a “Drive-In” theater. What more could you ask for with a great movie, great food, and great company? It's not just a movie, it's an event. It’s a memory creator. Why not do something different this year? Come join us at Hubb's Farm for 3rd Annual Valentine's on the Farm event. We would like to play Cupid for you this year.


Below is an outline of what to expect.


Date:   February 11th, 2017 (makeup date due to any reason is Feb. 12th)


Place:   Hubb's Farm (home of Hubb's Corn Maze and the Polar Express & Santa Too!)


Time:    5:30 PM – Gates will open for Valentine’s Package customers 7:00 PM – Movie begins


The Movie: When Harry Met Sally


Price:  $25 per person

The price includes, the movie, your choice of a Turkey/Bacon or Ham croissant sandwich, chips,

potato salad, pickle slice, beverage, and a chocolate covered strawberry.  The ticket price also includes, a single rose for the ladies and a memento of your Valentine’s Night at Hubb’s Farm.






Add-on Options:


Chocolate Covered Strawberries: These are handmade locally for Hubb's Farm and are delicious. One will come with each dinner. However, if one is not enough, you can order more.


Roses:  Additional roses may be ordered. Roses will be in a plastic sleeve.


Corn Nuggets: Our very own Nearly World Famous corn nuggets (special caramel corn) are available for $6 per bag. There will be a limited supply, so if you are having a craving for nuggets, get your order in quickly.


What to Expect Upon Arrival


The theater and parking will be in our Pumpkin Patch.  There will be a staff member to greet you and get your name. You will then continue down the path to the “Check-In Tent” There you will find staff members that will complete your check in. They will present the ladies with a single rose, additional roses that you may have ordered, and a Concession menu. The menu will consist of normal items such as candy, popcorn, drinks, etc.


The movie audio will stream to your vehicle's radio and we will inform you what channel to tune your radio. Prior to the featured film starting, there will be entertainment on the screen.


If you purchased the Valentine's package or ordered any optional items, the Check-in staff will give you tickets to be used at the Food/Add-on tent.  Here you will redeem your tickets for your sandwiches and/or Optional Add-on items such as strawberries, etc.


We will have staff in the theater to assist everyone with parking. When you purchase your tickets online, please provide the type vehicle that you will be driving the evening of the event.  We do our best to stagger and space cars to maximize visibility, so please follow the staff's directions. Arrival times will be given according to car size. Customers with smaller cars will be given the earliest arrival times and then medium size cars and then trucks, minivans, etc. will get the latest arrival times. This way everyone should be able to find a good spot and not have to move to adjust.

2017 Valentine's Dinner & Drive-In

We had a great time!  See you next year!


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