We hire Fun Specialists.

Hubb's Corn Maze is the hardest FUN job you'll ever have.  We are in the entertainment business which means people PAY us for "FUN".  FUN is a concept that is defined differently for each person, but each person knows what fun is.


As an employee, you interact directly with people who are looking for a FUN, FAMILY-FRIENDLY activity.  They've planned their adventure, driven up to two hours or more, and are planning to spend the day with us.  All They need is a little help.


It's our job to make sure they get started exploring quickly, find the services they need throughout the day, and have fun throughout their visit.  We are the party coordinators for their day-long party.  All we have to do is take "care" of them.  Sound fun?


If it doesn't, don't apply for a job at Hubb's.  Every year we have more applicants than we could possibly hire, so, if you're not up for SMILING and HELPING people for 5-10 hours per day, we don't need you.  Fair enough?  Not trying to sound ugly, just being upfront, honest, and saving us both time.

Why the job is so great?

Every day is different.  We believe in cross-training nearly every employee so you can have different jobs throughout the day.  We like to move employees around when possible to help keep everyone fresh.  We do know that if you get bored working at Hubb's, it's probably your fault.  If you remember to talk with customers as part of your position, you will be amazed where some of our customers live.  People drive hours to come to Hubb's to have fun.  They make a lot of effort to get here, so we need to make as much effort to insure they get what they pay for.

After all, how do you like to be treated?



If you are still interested in applying, click on the following links for forms to fill out and return:


2016 New Staff Employment Package


2016 Returning Staff Employment Package


Available Hours Form

(Keep in mind that the more you are available, the better your chance of being hired.)


Also, shoot us an email letting us know your are interested and are filling out the paper work.

Email your application and available hours form to Tammy at tammyp@hubbsfarmnc.com or fax it to 910-564-6709.


During the interview you will be required to authorize a criminal background check.

Results of the check will be considered during the employment process.

Hubb's Corn Maze 2017

 Sept 16 thru Nov.11

Fridays 6pm-10pm

Saturdays 12pm - 10pm

Sundays 1pm- 6pm

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