Fun for all ages! We have age appropriate activities for toddlers to teens to adults who are active and young at heart.

 Browse through the list to become familiar with all that we have for you to do.

You’ll be A-MAZE-D at what we have to offer!



The Treasure Mine sluice was hand built and specially designed for Hubb’s Farm by John and Tammy (Hubb’s Farm owners)  The Mine itself is an old livestock feeder and feed troughs. After selecting their Mining “Rough”, participants will head on over to the Mining Sluice, which is a wooden water tower that water runs through a series of troughs. Participants will take their bag of mining “rough” and pour it into a sluice box, shift and shake their box, and the water will wash the dirt away slowly revealing their found treasure. After discovering their gems, fossils, or arrowheads, guests will be given an identification card to accurately identify exactly what they found. They will be able to take their treasures and ID Card home.




Do not leave the farm without visiting the Pumpkin Patch.  You will be able to take a tractor drawn hayride to the Pumpkin Patch to pick out your very own pumpkin from the vine.  You will be able to pay for your pumpkin right in the field.  We are starting our pumpkin growing small.  Our 2017 patch is probably about an acre.  This picture was taken the first of August 2017 as the vines are maturing.   You may still purchase pumpkins without going to the pumpkin patch at our Field of Pumpkins up front.



 Zip through the air for about 12 seconds.  That is how long the Wright Bros. first attempt to fly was.  Participants will zip about 100 ft.  Descending from approximately 10 ft.  Due to safety restrictions, this attraction will be limited to participants who weigh 100 lbs. or less.   Picture will be placed here once the attraction is complete.




Table foosball supersized. YOU become the player! Two teams spare up, hold-on and kick away! First team to 11 wins.  Winners earn bragging rights on the way home from a day filled with FUN!  Excellent team building activity for company picnics, collegiate events and group outings.


Besides baseball and football, one of America’s favorite past times is the game of checkers. Unlike the usual sit still table top version, giant checkers requires skill and moving. Players bend, lift, walk and bend again in order to strategically place their checkers.  Giant Checkers is an excellent game of skill that adds the element of physical activity on the player’s part.   Enjoy a “Giant” game of checkers with family and friends this fall at Hubb’s Corn Maze! Great for all ages and group outings.


One of our favorite attractions! Have you ever made a snow angel? Well in Luke’s House of Corn, you can make a Corn Angel!!!  Children of all ages love climbing in the little red house filled with corn. Parents may climb in;  or clearly view their children from the all-around viewing areas.   Luke’s House of Corn is located beside the Corn Cannon and open during daylight hours.  So, take your shoes off and jump into some good ol’ cornucopia fun!


Ever want to have a blast, literally?  Well, Hubb’s Outdoor Laser Tag has you covered!  Join your family and friends in a friendly yet challenging game of laser tag.  Suit up, run and dodge your opponents to see who is left standing.  Outdoor Laser Tag operates day and night and offers fun for ages 5 and up.  Challenge all your friends and family and see who will earn “Best Laser Taser” bragging rights.  The Outdoor Laser Tag is located behind the Giant Barrel Slides.  Check in with the Laser Tag attendant for game directions, suit up and blast away!


If you like fast slides…we’ve gottem!!!  Two giant double barrels slides side by side! You and your friends will love racing down to see who slides the fastest and the furthest.  Slide riders will first choose a feed sack for sitting, climb up approximate 2 story staircase (17 feet to be exact),  then sit and deploy! As soon as you enter the huge barrel slide you will immediately build up speed and then glide down the long exit.  The line usually moves quickly so you may slide over and over without much delay.  The Giant Slide is recommended for ages 5 and up but parents may slide with younger children, too.  The Giant Slide is located between the giant jump pillow and the giant sand box.


Fast…but not furious is the Barrel Train! Hubb’s Barrel Train is the highlight of many visiting children as it is a safe but fast moving trackless train that gives way to fun and laughter throughout its ride.  After riding, kids often return for more thrills aboard the colorful barrel train time after time.  Most of all, kids and parents love Hubb’s Barrel Train Engineer, Rex.

Who can ride in the Barrel Train?

we say, “if you can fit in it, you can ride in it.”

Great for all ages.


Cornhole aka as Soft Horseshoes will be available for your enjoyment. Similar to horseshoes except you use wooden boxes and corn bean bags instead of horseshoes and metal stakes.  Players take turns pitching their corn bean bags at the cornhole boards until a contestant reaches the score of 21 points.  A corn bag in the hole scores 3 points, while one on the board only scores 1 point.    If you can toss a corn bag 30 feet, then you too can play cornhole. This is a great game for family and friends, fun and competitive. Best of all, winners will earn bragging rights. Play single, double or gather a large group for a great relaxing but competitive game.  Excellent opportunity for corporate events. FMI on how to have a Cornhole Tournament at Hubb’s Farm, call us at (910)564-6709.


Our Mini Bale Maze may be easy for adults yet the perfect challenge for the little folks. And it will encourage toddlers and older guys to maneuver in and around bales from beginning to end.  Covering an area of approximately 20’ x 20’, this farm related fun activity is sure to please young curious minds.

Perfect for pre-school and elementary.


Remember your parents saying “stop jumping on the bed?”  You will not hear “stop jumping” on our giant jump pillow!  Young and young at heart love Hubb’s Giant Jump Pillow!

As you enter the jump pillow entrance, the Attendant will briefly go over the rules and away you go to jump and jump and jump some more.  This 38’ x 68’ Giant Jump Pillow is not only great fun but great exercise, too!  Excellent for kids to adults.


What child doesn’t like a huge pile of sand!  Nestled next to Toddler Town, children will find this huge sand box play area filled with toy tractors, toy trucks and toy claw diggers a fun place to grow minds.  The only thing required is a fun spirit and a big imagination!

Hubb’s Huge Sand Box is perfect for toddlers and kids.


Large farm tractor tires retired from long field hours buried and waiting for the younger generation to climb atop!  You will find tire mountain and several tire climbs down near Animal Acres.  Children enjoy climbing on top and these re-purposed tires make for excellent picture props.


Really? Steer Roping? Not to worry, steer roping at Hubb’s Farm is perfectly safe.  Children and adults will have the opportunity to practice their steer roping skills on wood framed practice steers.  This way, the next time you find yourself needing to round up steer, you will be ready!


Children love this giant pile of sand filled with shark teeth. Search and keep!  And yes, years ago shark teeth were found on a farm in Sampson County near Faison, NC.



Hubb’s Big Chair Photo Op is a colorful painted giant chair that you can sit in and get your picture taken. A favorite for all farm guests while at Hubb’s Farm.  Hubb’s Farm staff will be glad to assist you if you would like a group picture.

Say cheese!  Hubb’s Farm offers several fun cut-out photo ops.  These photo ops make perfect fun keepsake pictures.  Simply step up, place your smiling faces in the cut-outs and snap lots of pictures!  Hubb’s Farm staff will be glad to assist you if you would like a group picture.




Take a relaxing hay ride or….a leisure walk down to view the expanded Animal Acres. There’s just something simply amazing about observing these wonderful creatures.  As a part of this self-guided tour, you will find fun and interesting facts posted for your reading pleasure.  Guests visiting with the miniature horses, chickens, goats, rabbits, sheep, llama, donkey, alpaca, and more, children and adults alike, will surely grow an even greater appreciation for these beautiful animals.  And if you want to know what it’s like to be a farmer and raise animals, be sure to practice some farming chores…. see the Animal Acres Attendant to purchase feed and you can go right to work!  Animal Acres is located behind the Field of Pumpkins and to the left of the maze.  Animal Acres is excellent for all ages and groups and a “must include” for field trips.


Located at Animal Acres, Bunnyville is full of lovable furry rabbits, hop on down and watch these beautiful hares play. Take a leisure walk/hop or ride down by way of the Hay Ride to visit these curious creatures. Be sure to take lots of pictures!


Our huge 45x60 picnic shelter has been a great addition to our farm.  It has hosted birthday parties, corporate events, field trips, dinners, bands, and just about anything else you can imagine.  With the huge ceiling fans, the picnic shelter is comfortable even when it’s hot.  Call us to reserve space under the picnic shelter or the entire pavilion for your larger gatherings.


Cranky the Combine is a fine piece of farming machinery that has been retired from many years of dedicated service to harvesting corn.  And now, Cranky is living out his dream of being a professional entertainer.  Hubb’s Farm Fall Festival guests love riding atop Cranky for a perfect view of the farm.  Cranky truly loves seeing all the smiling faces as they climb aboard.  But remember, Cranky is retired and loves his down time and only operates during daylight hours. The Cranky the Combine loading area is located down by Hubb’s Corny Cannon.  Ideal for all ages (younger children may ride with parental assistance).


Come October, Luke’s Field of Pumpkins will glow bright orange. Young festival goers will love hunting for that perfect pumpkin. And parents will love taking lots of photos in this picture perfect fall setting.   Do we grow our pumpkins? Several years ago, we tried our soil for growing pumpkins, but they just didn’t take. So ever since, we special order our pumpkins from a very reliable farm in western NC and have shipped to our farm just in time for the fall festival season.  Pumpkins range in prices according to weight.  Hubb’s offers lots of pumpkin transporters (aka wheel barrels) to transport your giant orange fruit to your vehicle. Luke’s Field of Pumpkins is located on the left side of the maze between Luke’s House of Corn and Animal Acres.  Also, “Under the Stars” Flashlight Pumpkin Hunting is available for groups by appointment.


A Hay Ride is the ultimate “must do” fall festival activity. Hubb’s tractor pulled hay ride will surely delight all riders with a leisurely ride around the maze and down by Animal Acres. Along the way, be sure to read the NC Fun and Interesting Facts posted around the outside of the maze.  And of course, music will be played while on the hay ride and singing along is encouraged.  Riders may exit at Animal Acres and if they would like….then catch the next hay ride back or walk.   So come on down and climb aboard Hubb’s 40’ "Big Red"  custom built hay ride, or one of the other two 25' rides.  sit on a bale of hay and relax.  The Hay Ride waiting area is located between Toddler Town and The Singing Chicks. This is an excellent activity for all ages and all groups.  Younger children will need parent or adult guardian supervision.


Hubb’s Express Train is a beautifully painted 50 passenger trackless train. Passengers delight in its old fashion designed and spacious cars.  Climb aboard and make memories to last a lifetime!  The Hubb’s Express Train boarding area is located near Hubb’s Corn Cannon.  Like his friend Cranky the Combine, Hubb’s Express Train only operates during daylight hours. Hubb’s Express is great for all ages and especially nice for large group outings. All Aboard!!!


Pat Benetar’s song “Hit Me With Your Best Shot” describes this game perfectly.  Hubb’s Corny Cannon is a game of skill and is harder than it looks which makes for an excellent challenge.  As a pay per play activity, participants will get a big bang out of trying to hit the moving targets.  And if you hit the targets, you may win prizes.  The Corny Cannon attendant will be on-hand for game directions and prize details. The Hubb’s Corny Cannon is located near the barrel train loading area and is excellent for ages 5 and up. The pay per ticket box is located by the exit building.

Hubb's Dixie Chicks - SINGING CHICKEN SHOW

Parents and caregivers will have a chance to sit down and relax while the younger ones are entertained by the famous Hubb’s Dixie Chicks.  Children can sit and listen or sing-a-long. In fact, singing loud is encouraged!  Some of the old time favorite songs like Old MacDonald Had a Farm will fill the air.  Hubb’s Dixie Chicks are animated singing hens.  These girls even tell a few jokes, too. So be sure to sit down and stay a while over at the little red hen house located near Toddler Town. A visit with Hubb’s Dixie Chicks is perfect for pre-schools and elementary schools.


Hubb’s Farm often includes various local entertainers to come out during the Fall Festival.  Years passed have included local blue grass bands, gospel groups, country/soft rock groups, magicians, dance groups and others.  Click on our calendar for updates on scheduled entertainment. During maze season, live entertainment (when scheduled) is included in your Hubb’s admission.

FIRE PITS - the BEST relaxation!

Literally a “ring of fire.” What’s not to like about camp fires, stories and s’mores.  All ages  will enjoy sitting around Hubb’s Farm Fire Pits with family and friends.  Camp fire stories and singing  are encouraged.  Hubb’s will have your reserved fire pit ready and roaring upon your arrival.  Best of all, S’mores Kits may be purchased at Hubb’s Exit Building or BYO.   Ideal for family and group outings.  Hubb’s Fire Pits are located on the far left of the parking area and require reservations (2 hours@$35, includes fire wood and one table).

Fire Pit reservations may be made on-line - click here


Based on the ever popular child’s game “King of the Hill”, Hubb’s Rope Mountain is always a big hit with the younger kids, school age and up. A large mound of dirt with knotted ropes for climbing attached to a towering post…what kid can resist!  Kids may race to the top to see just how strong they are or better yet race their friends to the top! Hold on to your rope and climb on up!  Perfect for field trips and all groups, recommended for ages 5 and up. We now have two rope mountains! One is located at the back of the picnic shelter to the left and the other is down at animal acres.


Toddler Town is a favorite for the younger children and parents.  At Toddler Town, little guys and gals will grow their imagination in an area created just for their growing minds and adventurous age.  Parents can sit and rest a bit while watching their toddlers in this wood fence surrounded area.  This is playhouse central and a great stop while visiting Hubb’s Farm.  Located near the Giant Barrel Slides.


Bouncy Ball Round-up Arena is an area created just for preschool & elementary children to hop on large bouncy balls disguised as animals.  This area is appx.

Surrounded by hay bales, this is a perfect kid’s play area but best of all, perfect for parents to sit down and rest while the little ones run and play.




Our jump pad is a calmer version of our Jump Pillow.  It measures out to 30x50 so more kids and kids at heart can jump at one time.  It’s designed more for kids, but feel free to hop on with your children and enjoy the fun.

“Gitty up” on over to Hubb’s Farm and check out the Wild Horse Round-up!  All ages enjoy this family friendly game of hula hoop tossing.  Adults can stand back and watch the children play or join in on the fun. This game is sure to encourage the best in creative and imaginative play while here on the farm.  Wild Horse Round-up is located between Luke’s House of Corn and Animal Acres.